Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Pinched from my daughter's blog, pinched from someone else. Some of the questions are obviously asked – and supposed to be answered – by a very young person, but most of them feel quite relevant. So here we go:
Do you normally arrive on time?
Yes, usually well ahead of time.
Are you in good shape?
Not really, haven't been to a gym for ages, but work regularly in the garden if it counts
When did you last have your picture taken?
At a farewell party with our visiting scholars
How do you feel right now?
Hungry, looking forward to dinner
Most common colour of your clothes?
Can you cook?
Yes, and love it. But my husband does most of the cooking
What are you studying right now
Cognitive science, on post-professorial level
Are photos of you any good?
When and why did you cry last time?
At my daughter's wedding, for obvious reasons
Was it embarrassing to answer the previous question?
Not at all
Did you have a good evening yesterday?
Yes, after a nice dinner I spent an hour and a half talking to my childhood friend on the phone (I mean on the phone, landline, Stone Age-wise)
Your favourite morning beverage?
Freshly pressed orange juice
Are you useful?
I think so
Did you ever have a job?
That's a tricky one; but I think, yes, quite a few times
Are you shy?
I have several social phobias, which is a more clinical way of saying "shy"
When did you get up this morning?
Half past seven
What TV game did you play last?
Machinarium, but perhaps it's a computer game, not a TV game
Which TV game is your favourite?
Actually, I don't play games
How much does it take you to get drunk?
Depends on how you define “drunk”
Have you ever been sick in public?
Yes, but not because I was drunk, but because I was motion-sick.
I sleep...
...with my window open
What was the most recent thing you said?
“I'll just check my email...”
Did you go to a festival last summer?
Yes, Shakespeare festival.
Who do you phone when you are angry or upset?
My husband
What would you need right now?
A seminar with my graduate students
Have you got pretty shoes?
I only wear Ecco shoes, and believe me or not, some of them are pretty
What was the first thing you said this morning?
“No!” (as a reply to my husband's “Good morning”)
Did you sleep in your own bed last night?
Yes. I am not going to a conference for another two weeks
Did anyone else sleep in your bed last night?
My husband and my cat
Have you got a driving licence?
Yes, since twenty-five years (got it late). Once also had a Californian licence, but it has expired
Are you alone now?
No, I have my husband, my cat, my flowers and a greenfinch at the bird feeder
What are you looking forward to this week?
A talk by Philip Pullman

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