Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Conference report, continued

Here is a more professional report. It's always interesting to compare notes. During lunch today I was interrogated by a journalist who heard me yesterday and wanted to know whether I meant what I said. Is it "I say what I mean" or "I mean what I say"? I have also talked to other people who asked the same. I admitted that I was deliberately provocative, and see, they responded just the way I wanted. And, no, it is not published yet, and no, I don't share unpublished work.

Some sessions yesterday and today confirmed my belief that not all authors are as good talking about their books as writing the books. But then people who are good at talking probably cannot write.

There are too many books I would like to read, but life is too short.

Tonight there will be some film screening, including Shaun Tan's award-winning The Lost Thing.


anton said...

"But then people who are good at talking probably cannot write."

Now that's provocative.
I remember seeing quite a few amazing writers give just as amazing lectures.

Maria Nikolajeva said...

OK, "some people who are good at talking...."

Vanessa Joosen said...

Hi masja, I think Majo De Saedeleer was also going to this conference in Stavanger. I hope you got a chance to meet her, she's doing great work promoting children's literature here in Belgium.

Maria Nikolajeva said...

Vanessa: yes, I met her and talked to her and asked her to say hello to you.