Thursday, 8 April 2010

Going green

As a contrast to my previous post: since the longest winter in my life (or so it feels) is eventually over, I take every opportunity to be in the garden. And when I am not in the garden I am in my greenhouse. I would have never thought of having a greenhouse if it hadn't been there already. It came as a bonus with the house - one of many things we didn't know we wanted. A year ago when we moved in you could hardly see the greenhouse, it was all overgrown with ivy and brambles and weeds. I cleaned it up a bit last autumn, but there is little incentive to put a lot of effort in a toy you cannot play with at once. So I used it mostly as a toolshed. But now... The thing is, I've never had a greenhouse and have no idea what to do. You see all those pretty pictures in magazines and on websites, yet here I am, with a greenhouse and all kinds of equipment for it and no idea how to use it. So I was very proud of myself when I figured out how to hang baskets on small pegs. Since I took this photo I have added two full trays of vegies and strawberries. No wonder I think that marking essays takes too much time!

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