Saturday, 20 February 2010

Resisting temptations

I am quite proud of myself that I had, until this morning, resisted one of the greatest temptations of my life. Just ten miles from here lies a Very Dangerous Place, at least if you are a crazy dolls-house maker. They call themselves The largest dolls house shop in the world and after I've been there I am prepared to believe it.

The reasons I had resisted the temptation are plenty. One is like waiting to open your Christmas present, or even better, as Winnie-the-Pooh says: there is a moment even better than eating honey, it's the moment just before you are going to eat honey. For a year and a half, I had been waiting to go to the largest dolls house shop in the world. Then of course I am a recycler so buying thing for the dolls house is not half as fun as making them and then comparing your own creation to something you see in a magazine or on the web, stating that yours is no worse and much better. But I also know that I am very bad at resisting temptations. And in the largest shop in the world it is all too easy to abuse your credit card.

Still I decided to go today, and my brave husband went with me because we both thought it would be in a village with a nice bar or coffee shop nearby. In fact, it was in a barn in the middle of nowhere, and the coffee shop was closed. So Staffan had to sit in the car while I drooled over magnificent houses and zillions of small things most of which I can make myself, no worse and much better, and supplies and tools and... well, I told myself to be sensible, and I told myself that I am a big girl and can get myself a plaything every now and then.

Afterwards, I feel ambivalent. I've succumbed to some furniture kits. At least I have to glue and paint, so it's not quite like buying a ready thing. But who knows what this may lead to. The shop is dangerously near.

On the other hand, I keep telling myself, I wish this was my greatest sin.

PS The reason I finally decided to visit the shop is that last week Staffan surprised me with a splendid dolls house he found at the Tesco recycling station. I now know that it is called The Corner Shop and that there are thousands of things to fill it with.

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