Friday, 11 September 2009

Where have all those days gone?

When I haven't blogged for a while it's either because nothing has happened or because too much has happened. I can't believe it has been two weeks! Where are they? What have I been doing? Get out my calendar. Anton came to visit and we had a wonderful time together, at least I had a wonderful time, he may think something else. When we went to Ely to climb the Octagon tower, we were the only ones, so we got a very special treatment and were shown some secret passages not normally included in the tour. It rained torrents when we were inside the tower and just cleared up for a moment when we got out on the roof. Then it started raining again as we left the Cathedral, so Anton was forcibly introduced to the noble art of genuine English afternoon tea, with scones and jam and cream and all. Even though he had coffee rathen than tea. We also went to London and saw "War Horse" which was stunning. We never had time to discuss it properly though, because Anton stayed on in London to meet his American friends, and then they came to Cambridge and stayed with us, which was wonderful too. I am so happy to see my children staying in touch with their old classmates and other old friends.

Then Anton left for Paris, and Staffan came home, and suddenly summer is over and the new term has started - not quite really, but there are meetings, meetings, meetings, zillions of emails, course readers, sample exams, last-minute changes. Two weeks ago I was telling myself and the world: back in the old country, classes have started, and I still have six weeks to go. Not any more. I am right in the middle of it and as busy as a year ago, but fortunately not as confused. I am looking forward to the new academic year. It speaks volumes.


anton said...

I had a wonderful week in cambridge and london.
I also have a theory about someone's lack of blogging has to do with someone joining facebook.

Ulla said...

I have the same problem. Or then it isn´t a problem.