Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Always winter and never Easter

Schools are closed, flights canceled, buses don't run, and my employer advises us to stay at home. All this caused by three inches of snow. They say it hasn't been that much snow here in twenty years. I certainly hope that, statistically, there won't be another winter like this during my lifetime. Staffan says that if Sweden was paralyzed by such an amount of snow, it would be paralyzed for half a year.

I remember when we lived in Massachusetts and it snowed one morning. I didn't think much of it and sent Julia, nine years old, off to school as usual. She came back after fifteen minutes saying that the school bus never came and there wasn't a soul around. Looking out of the window, I saw her track of footprints. The rest was pristine snow. The university classes were cancelled too. I wished we had rules like that when I was a child - we'd stayed at home most of the winter.


Ulla said...

But Arlanda Airport is always in chaos when the first snow falls. I just don´t understand why they get surprised every year!

When I was a child we were allowed to stay at home from school if it was colder than -35¤C.

anton said...

I think they changed that to -30.