Friday, 23 January 2009

Coal to Newcastle and other adventures

Last week I went to Newcastle which happens to have one of the best centres for children´s literature in the UK. No further comment...

My understanding of geography is changing. During my previous visits I always felt that wherever you go in the UK it never takes more than two hours. Cambrigde to Newcastle is three and a half, with a least one change. On the way back, the train is delayed by a hour. When I try to phone Staffan the phone is dead. It turns out that it has been disconnected because our landlady unprintable, as Hemingway puts it. So we are now disconnected from the world (including internet), which is very convenient when I am to travel to Portugal. I finally persuade Staffan to change to a British sim-card in his old Swedish mobile phone so that we at least can reach each other.

How did we live before internet?

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