Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fit for fight

I have never been sporty, except that my parents were keen cross-country skiers and I started skiing at four. I did really poorly in PE in school and was only given high grades because I had top grades in everything else. In my teens, I used to go skating in winter and played badminton in summer, but I had never cared about being good. I must admit I don’t like spectator sports.

Until recently, I despised exercise. I like biking and walking and generally being outdoors, so the whole idea of sweating and torturing yourself in a gym was alien to me. I once tried aerobics for a few months and got inferiority complex beside young, slim well-trained girls. But one day, Julia, who is my guru in many things where I should be hers, talked me into trying a fitness club. Since then I cannot imagine my life without regular training. I was amazed how quickly I improved. I felt it immediately when I could climb stairs without getting out of breath. I set goals and competed with myself.

For my fiftieth birthday, I asked for no other presents than contributions to club membership. Most people were perplexed.

This is why finding a gym was high priority. I have found one now. I am perfectly happy.

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Eden House said...

Hi we do not know each other I am Tracy Cook I found your blog ages ago and drop by to read everynow and again. I feel as tho I know you really well. My blog is really quite boring mostly about expanding family , well not expanding growing up really.It sems as though you are enjoying the UK good luck in your new job. Tracy